Dublin Canvas 2019 and 2020

“Faces” is gratitude towards the people I meet in Dublin from different walks of life and shape up my world here. Thanks to Dublin Canvas for allowing me to participate in the Dublin Canvas Project.

Every day before leaving the house for work, I look into the mirror and remember my mum’s last words: “Be nice to everyone, even if a few of them might be mean and selfish.” That attitude helps me a lot to make unique connections.

“I have seen a face with a thousand countenances, and a face that was but a single countenance as if held in a mould.

I have seen a face whose sheen I could look through to the ugliness beneath and a face whose brilliance I had to lift to see how beautiful it was.

I have seen an old face much lined with nothing and a smooth face in which all things were graven.

I know these faces because I look through the fabric my eye weaves and behold the reality beneath.”

Faces 2020, Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6
Faces 2019, Merrion Shopping Center, Nutley Lane, Dublin 4