“Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!”

Pink Flamingos: The history of the LGBTQ movie will be incomplete without mentioning John Waters. His film Pink Flamingos, made in 1972, is considered “the most important queer film of all time.” A juxtaposition of everyday activity was Waters’ trademark absurdity. In the “Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!” scene, Edie is dressed as a baby while sitting in a playpen, crying for breakfast. Babs (Played by Devine) lovingly speaks to her, as she would a child – “we still have some eggs; I’ll put some on for you. Did you sleep well?” Edie’s absurd appearance distracts us from this casual, commonplace dialogue.

Egg and Images: At the beginning of my design career, I worked in an offset printing press in Mumbai, India. There I learn how to make deep etching offset printing plates using albumin photosensitive coating. Albumen is the white of an egg. It contains albumin proteins. I still remember the peculiar smell of the albumin and gum Arabic in the plate-making room.

My childhood memory is that the local egg vendor came to our home every Sunday with a stock of fresh eggs carefully placed inside a big cane basket. Then our cook, Gangabai, selects eggs from that basket. My hobby was looking inside the basket full of eggs of various shades of white eggs! Every egg has a different shade of white. The egg vendor was Muslim, but he was welcome at our home—my first encounter with diversity around me.